Carbon neutral mobility is no longer just a vision – it is already possible today. Whether passenger or freight transport, whether truck, bus, train or vessel: Hydrogen is the ideal energy storage for commercial electric mobility and enables high ranges with short refuelling time.

Hydrofy helps you evaluate and develop new carbon-neutral mobility concepts. We focus on using the optimum technology for each individual application, developing and planning the required infrastructure and optimising the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your business.

 Integrated Energy is not only a buzzword but the way to successfully fulfil the energy transition. Hydrofy connects the dots and develops unique projects that help our customers to make an impact and reduce the carbon footprint in mobility and logistics.

Together with our specialised and renowed partners, Hydrofy covers analysis, concept development, economic efficiency calculation, planning and project management and we lead the projects to successful realisation.

Are you interested in taking part in the hydrogen revolution? We are happy to hear from you!