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About Hydrofy

With hydrogen and the Hydrofy platform we are driving the energy transition forward. With the bundled demand of our fleet operators for hydrogen-powered vehicles we are combining the greatest demand with the best offer on the hydrogen market.All in one place. Thanks to our fleet data analysis, we quickly find new projects and the rollout becomes scalable for everyone. Profit from the power of collaboration on one platform.

Hydrofy is the solution for ...

Supply bottleneck

We bundle our customers' demand for vehicles. More demand - better offer.

Lack of information

From the analysis of the fleet data to the calculation of your individual business case. We bring together supply and demand on the basis of reliable data.

Hardly any infrastructure

We find the right places and framework conditions to build the infrastructure for the hydrogen economy.

With Hydrofy you make the use of hydrogen vehicles possible. By easily integrating fleet data into our platform, our data analysis enables you as fleet operator to instantly assess your business case in the real world with real vehicles.

How does it work?

Actually quite simple. We digitally map an operator's fleet. With the help state-of-the-art data analysis methods we show the demand for hydrogen, which is then the basis for the better offer of vehicle suppliers and complementors. In this way, all stakeholders are jointly pushing the rollout of green hydrogen vehicles. They profit from the power of cooperation.


More than 2 million trucks (> 6T) are sold annually and then burn fossil energy for many years. With Hydrofy, we now only bring emission-free vehicles with green hydrogen on the roads. Nothing less than a complete decarbonization of your fleet - Well to Wheel.


Matthias Müllner, PhD.

Founder and managing director

Founder and managing director Matthias Müllner ...

is passionate for hydrogen and renewable energy.Experience through training and activity at the Technical University of Vienna gave him the idea for Hydrofy. Focus: renewable energy generation, storage and distribution as well as the basics of electrochemistry. Proud father of two.

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